July 18, 2022

30 Days Dubai Visa

Planning to get Dubai Visa for a business trip or leisure to the UAE? Dubai has developed into a major tourist destination over the last few years. Some of its major attractions include the iconic Museum Of The Future, Ain Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Mall and many others. If you need to visit Dubai for a short period of time, may be for business meeting, conference or a holiday to meet a relative in Dubai, then you would have to apply a short-term 30 days Dubai Visa. It’s a single-entry Dubai visa, that is valid for 60 days before you arrive in the UAE and allows you to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days.

Who Can Apply for 30 Days Dubai Visa

30 days visa dubai

The 30 Days Dubai visa is required by anyone who is not eligible for visa-free entry to Dubai or visa-on-arrival in the UAE. Every tourist coming to Dubai from across the globe is eligible to apply for a 30 days tourist visa in Dubai. However, a female below 18 years of age cannot obtain this visa unless her parents are accompanying her during the 30 Days trip to Dubai.

How to apply 30 days visa Dubai

The procedure to apply Dubai visa for 30 Days is super super easy and hassle-free with Gatewayz Tourism. Because you don’t need to visit any embassy or submit your documents to any agent for processing your Dubai visa, all you need before applying the 30 Days Dubai Visa is to make sure you have valid scanned Passport copy, 1 white background picture and Debit/Credit card for online payment or bank transfer to our UAE bank.

Frequently Asked Question Dubai Visa

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