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    uae national day

    Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have officially announced UAE National Day, Commemoration Day holidays for public sector;

    The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources tweeted on Wednesday 24/11/2021 that federal employees would enjoy three days off from Wednesday, December 1, to Friday, December 3.

    Since Saturday, December 4, is a weekend, federal employees would have a four-day break. They will resume work from Sunday, December 5.

    As the country will be celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Even though it’s a long weekend, residents would do well to spend it in the UAE as the country is going all out to celebrate its Golden Jubilee.



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    Dubai 5years multiple entry visa

    What you need to know about the Dubai 5years multiple entry visa

    Authorities in Dubai have started issuing 5years multiple-entry visas for employees of multinational companies.

    According to the Dubai Tourism website, the dubai 5years multiple entry visa is applicable for “business and leisure travel”.

    The programme helps firms bring their “global business personnel to Dubai”.

    “This will allow them to conveniently access and work from their Dubai offices, or attend to regional business, if you are in the process of establishing your presence here,” the website said.

    The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – Dubai said it has “now fully activated” the visa process. It allows employees of multinational companies to visit and stay in the UAE for 90 days, with the option of extending it for another 90 days.

    Interested companies need to fill a form. Once the form is submitted online and verified within “1 to 3 working days”, the company will receive a confirmation email “with steps to submit your individual visa applications as required”.

    For more details don't hesitate to contact us https://wa.link/x8vsr3


    Tourist Visa

    The following documents are required to obtain a tourist visa to the UAE:

    1. A copy of the applicant’s passport.

    2. Visa fee.

    3. Copy of the applicant’s photograph.

    4. Copy of the national ID card of the applicant.

    5. Passport copy of the relative or guarantor in Dubai.

    Important Note: Visa Prices may vary depending on the nationality and age of the applicant. All visitors must follow the guidelines of WHO and government agencies regarding the COVID19 pandemic. Please check with us for an update.

    If a person does not leave the UAE within the required time as per their visa, all fines will be paid by the applicant/guarantor. In case of any kind of overstay or absconding by the applicant, all fines will be paid by the applicant/sponsor of the application.

    Are you planning to visit UAE for a tour or a business trip? visit visa to the UAE can be issued for 30days or 90days for single or multiple entries. Visit visas can be extended for 30 days twice, without the need to leave the country.

    Tourist Visa Quick Links

    UAE Tourist Visa

    • The online UAE tourist visa Process simplifies the procedures & permits the user getting the permit quickly.

    • We make it too straightforward and provide extra security to apply for your tourist visa in our website

    • You will be guided on each and every progression of your UAE Visa application.

    • Our group is consistently accessible online to help with every one of your inquiries identified with UAE visa administrations\


    See How Simple It Is To Apply Dubai Visa With Us

    Visa processing time is approximately 3 to 4 business days. Entry into the DUBAI is subject to immigration approval.

    • Email your documents to info@gatewayz.co. We will review and respond to your email.

    • Pay to our company account or pay online via our secure payment gateway (payment link or account number will be emailed to you or you can do your payment through our website on checkout).

    • We verify and submit your documents

    • Receive your Dubai Tourist Visa by email

    Requirements while you traveling

    • Comply with all entry requirements for visiting the UAE (get a tourist visa).

    • Be sure to purchase travel medical insurance before you travel.

    • Visitors must pay for all treatment and quarantine costs themselves Complete the pre-departure health declaration form to ensure the traveler is free from COVID 19 symptoms.

    • Register all details in the COVID 19 DXB app. For more info whatsapp chat


    Inside Country Visa Extension

    Stay in the country and get a new visa. The easiest way to extend your stay is to change your status to a new 1-month or 3-month tourist visa without leaving Dubai. If you are planning to stay longer in Dubai, then a visa change within the country is the best option for you. The applicant does not have to leave the country.

    The easiest way to extend your visa. All you need to do is send us relevant documents, make payment, and receive your new visa by email or WhatsApp. Both 30 days and 90 days packages are available at an affordable price. The whole process takes 2-3 days. In some cases, if the visa validity date is on the edge, we can provide it within 1-2 days in urgent cases.

    This service is available for:

    • Applicants for a canceled resident visa.

    • Tourist visa holders

    • Holders of an entry visa

    Required Documents :

    • Copy of applicant’s passport (valid for at least 6 more months).

    • Copy of the applicant’s photograph Passport Size

    • Copy of current tourist/visitor visa

    • Copy of Resident Visa & Visa Cancellation Paper [if applicable].

    • Copy of current On Arrival stamp or On Arrival Visa Extension PDF [if applicable].