Dubai Mall Kidzania

Tour Overview
We all want our children to think logically, isn’t it? But how do we teach them that? Take them for a visit to Kidzania, an interactive children-sized city that allows them to be independent, think logically, develop their analytical skills, without you actually putting in any effort. We know it’s hard to believe, but a visit to Kidzania with Rayna tours is all it takes for you to live it.
Encouraging education through play, the entire city of Kidzania aims at polishing the social skills of children while they have the best of fun. From a Police Officer to a Dentist, to a Restauranteur to over 100 role-plays is what your child can enjoy at Kidzania. The city has its own Kidzania currency that your child uses to pay for goods and services thus, helping him to understand the value of money, transaction, and dealing. The city has everything a child encounters in his daily life such as the bank, ATM, hospitals, supermarkets, theater, pizzeria, and more. The best part is that all the activities are designed keeping in mind the height, mentality, and expectations of children. The kids come in here naïve, earn from different role plays, spend it, have loads of fun, and go back more informed, more educated, and more independent. Isn’t what all of us as parents want?
Shun the TV, the regular slides, and parks; it’s time to take your kids and introduce them to the real world in their own naïve way with Kidzania. We promise you’re going to keep coming back here because your kids are simply going to love it.
  1. Entry passes to the world of Kids
  2. Over 80 role-playing activities for the social development of your child.
  3. Supervisor’s guidance to help your child enjoy the educational city to the fullest
  4. Pick up & Drop Off Facility (If Sharing/Private Transportation option selected)
Why Should I go for This?
  1. KidZania is one of Dubai’s ultimate edutainment attractions for kids.
  2. It’s completely indoors and is set as a replica of the real adult world with everything from banks, universities, and restaurants to hospitals and supermarkets.
  3. This gives the unique opportunity for your little ones from 2 to 16 years to role-play their most coveted adult job.
  4. Kids get rewarded too for all their efforts, with KidZos, KidZania’s own currency.
  5. Although entry is not allowed for grown-ups here, an RFID security bracelet (provided to both kids and parents or guardians joining them) assures the utmost safety of your little ones.
  6. It’s located within the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall) and is close to attractions such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, VR Park, and Dubai Ice Rink.

Kidzania, an interactive children-sized city that allows them to be independent and think logically while playing.

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