January 4, 2023

Airport to Airport visa change in Dubai

Airport to Airport visa change : When your UAE tourist visa is about to get over, you might want to stay on even after your visa period comes to an end. Most visitors don’t want to travel back to their home country to get an extension. You can change your visa to another tourist/ employment visa.With the airport to airport visa change, you have the option of extending your UAE visa by exiting to a neighboring country ( Muscat, Oman) for a few hours and flying back to the UAE. It is a relatively simple process, and it will save you time and money.

Airport to Airport visa change

The process for Airport to airport visa change by muscat is easy. You can follow the schedule which is mentioned below and book now. Airport to airport visa change is now possible only through Dubai airport. The applicant will exit and inform us and we will apply their visa in urgent basis and get the visa approved the same day. The applicant will travel to neighbouring country and come back and wait in Dubai airport for their new visa. We also have muscat visa change by air, wherein applicant can stay in muscat for a day in hotel and come back the next day. This is a newly introduced package. Please follow the link if you wish to opt for muscat visa change by air Gatewayz .

We request you to check the availability for A2A few days before your last day so that your slots are well booked before your last date. We try to keep the slots updating everyday so that applicants are aware if the next possible airport to airport slots and can fill the form and our agent will be in touch with you shortly with the confirmation.

Required Documents for Airport to Airport visa change

  • Passport copy (6 months validity).
  • Passport size photo.
  • Old visa copy or File number.
  • white background passport size photo.

Contact us for more information +971 50 307 7353

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