October 26, 2022

Inside UAE Visa Change

UAE visa change is becoming hectic for the ones who want to change visa inside the country. This is due to the long procedures that need to be followed in accordance with it. This situation is mostly faced by the expat who is working in UAE where they need to extend their Dubai visa to have a stay for longer time. Sometimes people who are on vacation in Dubai with family for 30 days/90 days visa also require changing in the status of their stay at Dubai. This is the main advantage of this type of visa.

Expand your visa without leaving the country with our new role of UAE visa change inside country package. Why going through the tedious process of exiting the nation and returning when you can change the status without leaving the country. Not any more sitting tight in airport for long hours. Presently forever tourism has introduced the new visa extension package inside the country. Both 30 days and 90 days UAE inside country visa change price of the packages are accessible at reasonable cost.

The visa holders must submit their 2-3 days prior to their last day. This can be also done at by sitting at home. They also have a provision that they can extend visa without exiting outside country. Extending of Visa or changing is possible only for the tourists who are already residing in UAE. Visiting visa holder can extend their visa without exiting.

Forever tourism provides UAE visa change without exit for tourist visa holders and for on arrival nationalities. On arrival can avail pre-approved UAE tourist visas, For further information you can contact our visa expert team. What’s more, interestingly, these visa experts will suggest you with the appropriate procedure with the appropriate choice of visa category.

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UAE Visa Change

Advantages of Inside UAE Visa Change Dubai

  • You can escape from the tiresome procedure that is required in exiting the country and coming back when you can change the status without exiting the country.
  • You no need to wait in the airport for long hours.
  • No need to depend on other places to travel.

Service applicable for the following:

  • Tourist visa holders
  • Resident’s visa cancelled applicants
  • On arrival visa holders

Documents required for Inside UAE Visa Change

  • Scanned coloured passport copy front and back
  • Scanned white background photo
  • Last tourist visa copy

Documents required from residence to tourist visa

  • Scanned coloured passport copy front and back
  • Scanned white background photo
  • Last residence visa cop

Documents required from a visitor who is on visa on arrival to tourist visa

  • Scanned coloured passport copy front and back
  • Scanned white background photo
  • On arrival visa/entry stamp

Guarantor’s Document for Inside UAE Visa Change

A guarantor can be a relative or friend who is currently working/ resident in UAE who can be the point of contact in case of emergency.

  • Scanned coloured passport copy
  • Scanned resident visa copy with minimum 3 months validity
  • Scanned Emirates I.D copy

Terms & Conditions to get UAE Visa Change

  • Prices are non-refundable.
  • Age restrictions are applicable for certain nationalities.
  • Visa application will be processed only after completing the document and clearing the payment.
  • Documents submitted are not to be forged, if so strict actions will be taken against the concerned.
  • If have overstay fines then it must be paid directly at the immigration counter.
  • If the Tickets is once booked it cannot be cancelled or Changed and it’s non-refundable.
  • if a person does not leave UAE within the required time then the entire fine will be paid by the guarantor/Applicant.

Even applicants who had cancelled employment visa can apply for this package. If the applicants are unaware of their last day to remain in the country they can check the status online. As per the information, cancelled employment visas have not been extended and they will have to either exit to home country or do visa change to tourist visa.


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