January 19, 2023

UAE 30 Days Visit Visa

UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Everything you need to know

There are two types of UAE 30 Days Visit Visa, Single Entry & Multiple Entry.
If you have been searching how much is 30 days visit visa for UAE, you have come to the right place. You will find this blog post useful as it has everything you need to know.

The UAE 30 Days Visit Visa is meant for individuals who would like to enter UAE and are not eligible for the UAE visa-free entry or on-arrival visa.

UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Single Entry

The 3UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Single Entry is the best visa to get if you will not stay for long in UAE. The visa allows one to stay in UAE for 30 days.
Almost all tourists entering UAE who are required to have a visa while entering can apply for this visit visa. Note Females under 18 years cannot be issued this visa unless their parents accompany them.

UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Multiple Entry

The UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Multiple Entry allows you to leave and enter UAE using the same visa within 30 days. The visa is best suited for those coming to UAE for Meetings, Conferences, or on Transit, etc.

Equally, the visa is recommended for those traveling nearby UAE who would like to make multiple stopovers in the UAE for a short time.

UAE 30 Days Visit Visa Multiple Entry helps save money and time and avoid applying for two or three separate visas. When returning to UAE using this visa, you can either enter through airways or sea route

Process of Obtaining UAE 30 Days Visit Visa

It is easy to obtain the 30 days visit visa. All you need is to get in touch with a tour agency like Gatewayz. We will guide you through how to get the visa. You will have to send all the documents required to process the visa, and we will forward them to the UAE visa-issuing authorities on your behalf. Below is the Process of Obtaining 30 Days Visit Visa:

Documents Required to Get the UAE 30 Days visa

The following are the documents required to get UAE 30 days to visit visa.

  1. A passport with a minimum validity period of six months
  2. A photocopy of the visa application form duly filled.
  3. Scanned copy from two-color photographers on white background.
  4. Cover letter from applicants explaining their reason for visiting and the length of their stay.
  5. Confirmed return flight tickets
  6. Solo women traveling alone under 24 years old would require a NOC from their father or husband.
  7. Pakistani Nationals: Passport signature page and national ID card front & back.
  8. Children: Copy a child’s birth certificate if the mother’s or father’s name is not stated in their passport.

How Long Does it Takes to Get the UAE 30-Days Visa

It takes 2-3 working days to process the UAE 30 days visit visa. If you are in a hurry, you should opt for the UAE express visa, which takes 6 to 8 hours to process.

It is important to take caution because many travelers seeking a UAE visa are fooled online. Ensure that anyone promising to process a UAE visa for you is genuine before you engage. You can check the review online and double-check to see if the travel company exists.

Rejection Reasons

Sometimes, after submitting the 30 days UAE visa application, the issuing authorities may reject the application.

There are several reasons which can lead to the visa application being rejected. The visa-issuing authorities have the right to reject the visa application. You will be informed why your visa was rejected.

You can ensure the 30 days UAE visa application is not rejected by following the instructions given during the application stage by the visa expert in charge of processing your visa.

You should give accurate information during the application stage to avoid rejection. If you have cases of overstay or any other crucial information, tell the visa expert to know as proceed to apply for the visa. Some of the reasons which can lead to 30 days UAE visa application rejection include;

  1. Not Clear or Blurred Photo
  2. Incorrect and Incomplete Application
  3. Women Under Age-25 Cannot Travel to Dubai Solo
  4. Handwritten Passports Are Outdated
  5. Typographical Errors
  6. Previous Overstay UAE Trip
  7. UnCanceled Residential Visa
  8. Previous Applied Visa Application & Have Not Entered the Country
  9. Passport Occupation by Unskilled Person
  10. Criminal Record in the UAE or Any Other Nation

Extending 30 Days Visit Visas

The 30 days UAE visit visa can be extended for 30 days twice. You have to apply for the extension and get it approved by the relevant authority. You can extend the 30 days UAE Visit Visa without exiting the country.

At Gatewayz, we offer UAE visa extension services for those seeking to extend their stay in the UAE without leaving the country.

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