Chinese New Year | 2023

Chinese New Year 2023 – Every Thing you Need to Know about to the Celebrations of the Spring Festival

As many as 3 billion people would sweep across the globe every year as the time for the Spring Festival arrives: the Chinese New Year is a gala affair for more than a billion population of China and the Chinese communities scattered across the globe.

A week-long holiday extends to over a month-long celebration with the excitement and eagerness blooming months in advance of this humongous annual event. People would stock up on New Year supplies as stores remain closed and you could get the waft of New Year dishes and desserts flowing in from the direction of kitchens days in advance.

What are the dates of the Chinese New Year? How do the Chinese observe New Year? Here is everything you need to know about Chinese New Year 2023.

Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023 dates

The Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is marked by a long list of specific festivities and observance of traditions in the days leading up to the Spring Festival and following New Year’s Day. The date of the new year is decided upon by following the lunar calendar during the months of January and February.

Since the New Year holiday is on the second new moon after the winter solstice (December 21), it varies from year to year. In the year 2023, the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival will be celebrated on January 22nd. It starts with the onset of the Little Year and culminates in the Lantern Festival. Here are some of the important dates during the Spring Festival Chinese New Year 2023 .

February 4th: Little Year (小年 / xiǎo nián)
Lunar date: December 23rd

Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023

The Little Year on February 4th will kick off the festivities of the Chinese New Year 2021. A day of prayer ceremonies, people clean their houses on this day to keep bad luck at bay. In fact, there is a popular Cantonese saying “Wash away the dirt on nin ya baat (the 28th day of month 12)”. A special stove candy made of malt, also termed as sugar melons, is also prepared on this particular day.

February 11th: New Year’s Eve (除夕 / chúxì)
Lunar date: December 30th
The New Year’s Eve or the 30th of the year is widely known as the day of the primary meal of the year or the annual Reunion Dinner. It is somewhat comparable to the Thanksgiving Dinner in western culture. After dinner, families stay awake till midnight to welcome the new year together.

February 12th: Spring Festival (春节 / chūn jié)
Lunar date: January 1st
The Chinese New Year Day or the Day of the Spring Festival officially begins at midnight. The night sky is lit up with glittering colors of fireworks as friends and family greet each other and pray for the wellbeing of the elderly in the family.

February 13th: To the in-law’s (迎婿日 / yíng xù rì)
Lunar date: January 2nd
On this day, traditionally, married daughters would pay a visit to their paternal house along with their husband and children.

Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023

January 24th: Day of the Rat (鼠日 / shǔ rì)
Lunar date: January 3rd
As the folk tales go, people believe that rats marry on this particular day and hence would leave small crumbs of food around the corner of their houses to feed their rats. In rural areas, people also burn paper offerings over trash fires as it is the day of Chikou or Red Mouth (the God of Blazing Wrath). Some would also start worshipping the God of Wealth from this day on.

January 25th: Day of the Sheep (羊日 / yáng rì)
Lunar date: January 4th
As sheep were created on the 4th day of the year as per Chinese mythology, it is known as the Day of the Sheep. The five gods are welcomed on this day with three tables of food, one of kumquats and sugarcanes, the second of cake, and the other of main course with pig, fish, chicken, and soup.

January 26th: Break Five (破五 / pò wǔ)
Lunar date: January 5th
Once the prayers for the God of Wealth conclude, shops and businesses would open up to usher in a new wave of wealth and prosperity. People would mark the day by eating jiaozi and dumplings.

January 27th: Day of the Horse (马日 / mǎ rì)
Lunar date: January 6th

Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023

Most of the official work restarts on this day in the business world after the ‘Break Five’. A common belief is that throwing away all old things on this day would ring out the spirit of Poverty.

January 28th: Day of the Human (人日 / rén rì)
Lunar date: January 7th
Renri was considered by the Chinese to be the day that humans were first formed. Nüwa, a goddess in Chinese mythology, is credited with creating the universe. On various days, she created animals, and on the seventh day, she created people. Chinese people believe that if Renri descends on a sunny day, it will herald a prosperous new year, good fortune, and harmony. Giving birth on this day was a wonderful and joyous occasion for a lady.

January 29th: Day of the Millet (谷日节 / gǔ rì jié)
Lunar date: January 8th
At places where stores didn’t open after the first three days of celebration, they would start resuming business on this day onwards. Grain, being highly valued in Chinese society for ages, some would host lunch or dinners while others make an effort to enrich their knowledge of agriculture by visiting rural areas.

January 30th: Providence Health (天公生 / tiān gōng shēng)
Lunar date: January 9th
The sovereign ruler – Jade Emperor is said to have been born on this day. So, all activities revolve around worshipping the highest God of the Universe. For Hokkien people, the day is even more significant than the day of the Chinese New Year itself.

February 5th: Lantern Festival (元宵节 / yuán xiāo jié)
Lunar date: January 15th
The Lantern Festival, or the “Shangyuan Festival” or Yuan Xiao Festival, sees people hitting the streets with their lanterns as thousands of floating lanterns would gradually festoon the evening sky, filling it with brightness and bringing happiness in the hearts of the people. Being a full moon day, moon-gazing while flying your lanterns makes for a more awesome end to the festival. Desserts of glutinous rice balls called yuan xiao (same as the festival) are enjoyed on the day Chinese New Year 2023.

How do people celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 ?

During this course of the Chinese New Year celebration, mainland China enjoys a week-long holiday known as the Golden Week. Holidays in the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and others observe one to three days of holiday during Chinese New Year.

From bylanes to home interiors, every corner gives it away. From the iconic red decorations to massive parades, from homecoming to lighting of lanterns, here’s how the Chinese carry out the exuberant celebrations during their New Year, a festival with over 3,000 years of history.

Chinese New Year 2023 decorations

Families perform spring cleaning around the house and get busy adorning the space with festive decorations. Red is the dominating color during the festival as it is considered to be auspicious. So, you’d find red lanterns and posters in every shop and household.

Red Spring Festival couplets are pasted at entrances as a sign of good luck in the coming year. You’d also find ‘Fu’ character pictures and red window paper-cuts amidst the decorations as a sign of prosperity. 2023, being the year of the Rabbit, many decorations would also feature the animal sign.

Family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year 2023

Homecoming is primary in the celebration of Chinese New Year as families gather for the annual sumptuous reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve. Most feasts would also include a communal hot pot which signifies the coming together of the family for the dinner. Fish is a staple; however, it will not polish off as people go by the belief ‘let there be surplus every year’ (“surplus” and “fish” sound the same in Chinese). Dumplings and rice cakes are also indispensable for most people.

Firecrackers color the sky towards the end of the day to welcome the New Year and do away with all things old and evil. In Mainland China and many places where the Chinese diaspora congregates, the night will be spent watching CCTV’s New Year’s Gala, arguably the most-watched show in the world, bringing celebrations to home with a live broadcast of musical and dance performances.

Gifts and red envelopes Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year is also the time of gift exchanging, and red envelopes gifted during this time of the year are said to herald good luck. As generations progressed, people welcomed newer ways of exchanging wishes and gifts. One common practice these days is to send digital red envelopes.

The children would also be gifted ‘luck’ money by the elders, wrapped in red packets, which they can later spend on toys, clothes, snacks, or even save up for future educational needs.

Chinese New Year 2023

What is considered unlucky during Chinese New Year 2023?

Even in a world dominated by science and technology, people resort to beliefs of their own, and it is only humane to be respectful towards these superstitions even if you don’t indulge in one. Chinese New Year, too, is the time of several such traditional beliefs, both auspicious and ill-fated ones, as the beginning of the year is considered to affect the rest of the year. Here are a few that you should keep in mind:

  • gifts and money are exchanged as a ‘good luck’ wish

  • on the day of the Spring Festival, you shouldn’t clean your house as the act is said to sweep away all the good fortune that the New Year brings with it

  • on the fourth day or the day of the sheep, it is forbidden to slaughter sheep for meat

  • fair weather on the Day of millet means you’d be blessed with a wholesome harvest in the next season

  • in Chinese, Lanterns (tiān dēng) sound similar to ‘adding children’ (tiān dīng). So, many families light lanterns with the hope of bringing a new member into the family

  • amongst food items, fish is considered lucky for New Year’s Eve, and so is the lighting of fireworks and firecrackers

How to greet Happy New Year to your Chinese friends?
In Mandarin, you can say gong xi fa cai (恭喜发财) or wishing you a prosperous New Year. Alternatively, you can simply say xin nian kuai le (新年快乐), meaning “happy new year”.

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Saudi Visa for UAE Residents

Saudi Visa for UAE Residents 2023: How to Apply For a Visa to Saudi Arabia from the UAE?

Saudi Visa for UAE Residents : Saudi Arabia is currently open for tourism, and international travel to or from the kingdom has been largely restored. For those wishing to visit Saudi Arabia, visas will once again be issued by the authorities to accommodate the various needs of various travellers.

Do UAE residents need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

No, nationals belonging to the GCC countries, including residents from the UAE, do not require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia and may use National ID cards to enter the Kingdom.

However, UAE residents can apply for the new visa scheme for GCC residents, Furthermore, it also allows them to visit Saudi for both Umrah and tourism purposes.

Saudi Personal Visit Visa

Saudi visa for UAE residents general requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Saudi eVisa, UAE residents must meet the following conditions:

  • The UAE resident’s occupation must be among the eligible occupations.

  • the residency document must be valid for three (3) months

  • the passport must be valid for at least six (6) months

  • a parent application is mandatory for children under the age of 18

  • applicants must complete separate visa applications for each member of their direct family and must accompany the member upon entering Saudi

Contact Us For More Information : +971 50 307 7353

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Tourist Visa

30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa : The country is well known for its trade hubs and famous tourist destinations, Dubai and other parts of the UAE, receives a lots of visa applications from visitors, new employees and business travellers all across the globe. Based on the purpose of stay of an individual the government grants several different types of entry permits and visas. Among them most common type of visa issued to the government induces transit visas, resident visa, tourist visas and the business visas. Forever tourism is a platform where you can look for all the available UAE visas.

We help you to process 30 Days Dubai Visa within 2-3 working days. This makes forever tourism different from others. So you can pass this information to your friends and relatives if they have urgency in visa within 2-3 days. You can get your 30 days visa for UAE in straight forward manner. You can freely sit at home and send the passport copy to us. We will help you to complete your visa process by sitting at your home. Work with Forever Tourism, our visa specialists will help you in each and every step of visa process.

30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Consider us whenever you want and we are constantly dedicated to supporting you. As the best tourism agency, we can guarantee you that you can gain world-class benefits. Keep reading to know what are the essential documents required to apply for 30 days visa for Dubai.

Things To Remember

You must have the validity of your passport which must be of minimum 6 months.
The documents submitted must be precise, should be very clear not to be blurred
It is very much necessary that passport should not be in hand written format.
If you do not have above document requirements currently then you can contact us directly so that we can have other plans for you.

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UAE Out Pass

UAE Out Pass: Everything You Need To Know About UAE’s Exit Permit :-

Visitors who overstay their welcome in the UAE must pay fines for each additional day after their visa expires and get an out pass (exit permit) at the airport or the immigration office at the land borders.

UAE out pass is not simply for visitors who stay for way too long in the country but also for those who have lost their UAE passports. Here is everything you need to know about UAE out pass, its cost, eligibility, required documents and validity.

What is UAE out pass?

UAE out pass is an exit permit which facilitates those foreigners who intend on exiting the country and do not possess a valid UAE visa because it has either expired or cancelled/rejected.

30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

Who needs UAE out pass?

Visitors who stay in the UAE after their visas have expired or way past the grace period extended by the emirates. There are also other categories that will need UAE out pass outlined below,

UAE out pass required documents

Violator of an entry permit or residency visa

  1. Original and copy of the passport of the person concerned

  2. A copy of the travel ticket

  3. 2 personal photos of the sponsored person

Lost passport

  1. Sponsored passport or travel document from the embassy or consulate

  2. Loss letter from the police

  3. A copy of the travel ticket

  4. 2 personal photos of the sponsored person


  1. Original and copy of the mother’s and father’s passports

  2. Child’s passport or travel document from the embassy or consulate

  3. Original and copy of the child’s birth certificate

  4. A letter from the father stating to issue an exit permit for the child

  5. A copy of the travel ticket

  6. 2 personal photos of the child

Violators and registration of eye-print:

  1. Original and copy of the passport of the person concerned

  2. A copy of the travel ticket

  3. 2 personal photos of the sponsored person

  4. UAE out pass fees

  5. A fee of AED 221 will need to be paid for the UAE out pass. If you pay through commercial banks in Dubai, a collection commission of AED 20 will be added per transaction. Furthermore, if the application is submitted through AMER centres, a fee of AED 100 will be added.

How do I apply for UAE out pass?

Violation of the residency visa

Through the GDRFA website:

  1. Login to the website

  2. Register a new user account (in case there is no account)

  3. Select the required service

  4. Attach the required documents

  5. Pay the fees due for the service

  6. Submit the application

Through AMER center:

  1. Head to one of AMER’s service centers

  2. Select the required service at the receptionist

  3. Submit the required documents to the service employee

  4. Verification of a Document

  5. Pay the fees due for the service

  6. Submit the application


  1. The father of the newborn has to be present for the avail

  2. Submit the application to the service officer

  3. Pay the fees due

  4. Receipt of the print of departure permit

In case of lost passport

  1. You have to present for the avail

  2. Submit the application to the service officer

  3. Pay the fees due

  4. Receipt of the print of departure permit

In case of violators and record of an eye-print:

  1. You have to be present for the avail

  2. Submit the application to the service officer

  3. Pay the fees due

  4. Receipt of the print of departure permit

UAE out pass validity

Those who have been issued the UAE out pass must leave the country within 10 days after obtaining the permit.

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UAE Travel Ban

UAE Travel Ban 2023: Which Countries Are on the UAE Red List Now?

Countries around the world enact bans for various reasons, sometimes political, and sometimes for safety. UAE is no exception as the country has imposed—and is currently upholding—multiple bans.

Keep reading to find out which countries are currently on the UAE travel ban list.

UAE travel ban update

According to reports from the African news portal, the United Arab Emirates has prohibited citizens of almost 20 African nations from entering Dubai.

The following countries will be affected by the recent decision introduced by authorities in UAE:

  • Uganda

  • Sierra Leone

  • Ghana, Sudan

  • Cameroon

  • Nigeria

  • Burundi

  • Liberia

  • Republic of Guinea

  • Togo

  • Gambia

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Senegal

  • Benin

  • Congo

  • Ivory Coast

  • Rwanda

  • Guinea Bissau

  • Burkina Faso

  • Comoros

  • Dominican Republic.

Any applications for 30-day visas from the countries mentioned above will be sent back or cancelled effective from October 18, 2022, until further notice.

Check out our blog to learn about the delights of the UAE, and don't forget that we provide easy Dubai visa services. Find out more about our assistance with visas here.

UAE travel ban check

Before you travel to the UAE, it is advisable to check or solve any issues that hinder your entry at the airport immigration counters. For example, if you are subject to a UAE travel ban due to financial cases or if you are requested by the Public Prosecution due to any claims.

In UAE, there are three ways that you can check the status of your travel ban:

  • Visit the Dubai Police station in person.

  • Make a phone call or enquire through the mail. The call center operator will require your passport number in addition to other information. Residents can call the Amer center in Dubai at 800-5111, which is a toll-free number. Callers from abroad can do so at +971-4-313-9999. You can also drop a mail inquiry: @dubaipolice.gov.ae

  • Online travel ban check. Below is the step-by-step on how to check your travel ban online:

    • Prepare your Emirates ID.

    • Visit the official website of Dubai Police or download the Dubai Police app on your Android or iOS

    • Browse through ‘Individual Services’

    • Select ‘Criminal Status of Financial Cases’

    • Enter your full name and Emirates ID number

    • If you have any travel ban, you will get a message saying that you will need to bring your Emirates ID, copy of your passport, and authority letter to the Dubai Police station near you.

If you have an Abu Dhabi residency visa and an ID number, you can use the Estafser e-service which enables residents of Abu Dhabi to check whether they have any claims against them. In case you have a visa from one of the other five emirates, or no longer have an ID number, you will need to contact the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigner Affairs.

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Hajj Pilgrim 2023 : Saudi Arabia has finally removed all restrictions on the number of Hajj allowed to perform the annual Hajj as well as the age limit restriction for Hajj season 2023.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingdom had drastically curbed the number of hajj-pilgrims allowed to perform the Hajj between 2020 and 2022, from 2.5 million in 2019 to 900,000 in 2022. Moreover, Hajj were limited to the ages between 18 and 65 and were also required to present proof of COVID vaccination and a negative COVID test report.

Hajj Pilgrims 2023

Now, however, with the significant decrease in COVID-19 cases worldwide, the Kingdom will once again welcome Hajj pilgrims in pre-pandemic proportions.

Minister of Hajj and Umrah Tawfiq Al Rabiah has confirmed that in 1444H, i.e. 2023, there will be no ceiling imposed on the number of Hajj, and all able-bodied Muslims will be allowed in regardless of their age.

Hajj season is expected to begin in June 2023. According to Hajj officials, during the registration, priority will be given to those who have not yet performed Hajj.

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UK Tourist Visa

UK Tourist Visa from Dubai The United Kingdom has now eased almost all Covid-19 restrictions for travellers, including the need to complete a UK passenger locator form, and Covid-19 PCR test and quarantine requirements, irrespective of the vaccination status of the travellers. Therefore, travellers from Dubai & the UAE can now travel to the UK without any stringent entry restrictions.

Do Dubai & UAE residents need a UK tourist visa to the UK?

According to a directive from the United Kingdom home office, from 2023 UAE nationals will no longer need a UK Tourist Visa to enter the Kingdom.

As of now, since the UAE does not fall under countries eligible for visa-free services upon arrival in the UK, travellers from the UAE and Dubai to the UK must have a valid visa document for entry to the UK.

The UAE and Dubai residents can apply for the Standard Visitor Visa to visit or the UK Tourist Visa for tourism, as well as business, study (courses up to 6 months) and other purposes. You can usually stay in the UK for up to 6 months. However, you might be able to apply to stay for longer in certain circumstances, such as for medical treatment purposes.

Types of UK tourist visas available for Dubai & UAE residents

The short-term standard visitor visa

Residents from the UAE and Dubai can apply for the Standard Visitor Visa to visit the UK as a Standard Visitor for tourism, business, study (courses up to 6 months) and other permitted activities, including:

  • for tourism, for example on a holiday or vacation

  • to see your family or friends

  • to volunteer for up to 30 days with a registered charity

  • to pass through the UK to another country (‘in transit’)

  • for certain business activities.

  • to take part in a school exchange programme.

  • to do a recreational course of up to 30 days.

  • to study, do a placement or take an exam

  • as an academic, senior doctor or dentist

  • for medical reasons

You can usually stay in the UK for up to 6 months. However, you might be able to apply to stay for longer in certain circumstances, such as for medical treatment purposes.

The long-term standard visitor visa

Residents from UAE and Dubai can also apply for a long-term Standard Visitor Visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years if they need to visit the UK regularly over a longer period. You can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit. If you’re under 18 years old when you apply, your long-term Standard Visitor visa will only be valid for up to 6 months after you turn 18. You cannot get a refund on the fee.

The UK tourist visa from Dubai & UAE requirements

The following are some of the requirements that have to be met while applying for a Standard Visitor Visa or the UK Tourist Visa in UAE and Dubai:

  • A passport or travel document to enter the UK, that should be valid for the whole of your stay in the UK. Additionally, there must be a blank page in your passport for your Standard Visitor visa.

  • You must be able to show that:

  • you’ll leave the UK at the end of your visit

  • you’re able to support yourself and your dependents during your trip (or have funding from someone else to support you)

  • you’re able to pay for your return or onward journey (or have funding from someone else to pay for the journey)

  • you’ll not live in the UK for extended periods through frequent or successive visits, or make the UK your main home

Contact Us For Details : +971 50 307 7353 , Gatewayz

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60-Day Tourist Visa

The UAE 60-day tourist visa resumed

UAE 60-day tourist visa : As confirmed by the travel agents, the issuance of the 60-day visit visa to the UAE has been resumed. This move comes as a part of the UAE’s new visa rules or the Advanced Visa System that has been in effect since 3 October 2022.

The Advanced Visa System introduced one of the UAE’s most extensive residency and entry permit reforms. Furthermore, the authorities in the UAE announced in early April that all entry visas are valid for 60 days.

Moreover, the UAE has also introduced a five-year multi-entry tourist visa that does not require a sponsor and allows the visitors to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days, and it may be extended for a similar period, provided that the entire period of stay does not exceed 180 days in one year.

Do I need a 60-day tourist visa to enter the UAE?

You would require a tourist visa to enter the UAE if you’re not from the list of countries available for the visa-on-arrival scheme.

In principle, the tourist visa is obtainable by eligible tourists worldwide. However, as per the UAE’s official government portal, female travellers below 18 are not eligible to apply for this visa unless they travel with their parents.

Also, children under 18 and accompanying adults are eligible for a free visa for visits made between 15 July and 15 September each year.

UAE visa on arrival

Passengers travelling to the UAE can now receive their visa on arrival at the immigration counter when they arrive from these 70 countries. Travellers from these specified countries need only to make their way to immigration to receive a visa upon arrival in the UAE.

UAE 60-day tourist visa requirements

According to the new UAE visa rules, there are no pre-requisite requirements to apply for the UAE 60-day tourist visa. Moreover, applying for entry visas no longer requires a host or sponsor.

However, the following documents are generally required:

  • 6×6 cm photograph in colour (minimum of 600×600 pixels) with a white background (at least 80 percent of your face must be visible)

  • A colour copy of your passport showing your full name, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry, name of father/legal guardian, and the name of your mother

  • Valid passport with at least six months validity at the time of travel

  • A copy of the flight ticket of your preferred airline

  • For nationals of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, a national ID is also required

Please note that depending on the airline, minors and children under the age of 18 may be required to present additional documents such as birth certificates and photo IDs of parents or husband.

UAE 60-day tourist visa validity period

As the name suggests the UAE tourist visa will now be valid for 60 days, instead of the previous 30 days, thereby allowing visitors to spend a longer vacation in the UAE without the need of leaving the country within 30 days. Additionally, it will also offer visitors moving over to the UAE a longer period of time to arrange for their work or residency visa.

Moreover, as per UAE’s new visa scheme, all entry visas will now be available for single or multiple entries and will be valid for 60 days from their date of issuance. They can also be renewed for similar periods of another 60 days.

Applying for the UAE 60-day tourist visa

The UAE 60 days tourist visas are not directly issued to travellers. To obtain one, you would need to apply in advance through the approved airlines, hotels, travel agencies or tour operators.

Apply your Visa Now : Gatewayz.co

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Airport to Airport visa change

Airport to Airport visa change : When your UAE tourist visa is about to get over, you might want to stay on even after your visa period comes to an end. Most visitors don’t want to travel back to their home country to get an extension. You can change your visa to another tourist/ employment visa.With the airport to airport visa change, you have the option of extending your UAE visa by exiting to a neighboring country ( Muscat, Oman) for a few hours and flying back to the UAE. It is a relatively simple process, and it will save you time and money.

Airport to Airport visa change

The process for Airport to airport visa change by muscat is easy. You can follow the schedule which is mentioned below and book now. Airport to airport visa change is now possible only through Dubai airport. The applicant will exit and inform us and we will apply their visa in urgent basis and get the visa approved the same day. The applicant will travel to neighbouring country and come back and wait in Dubai airport for their new visa. We also have muscat visa change by air, wherein applicant can stay in muscat for a day in hotel and come back the next day. This is a newly introduced package. Please follow the link if you wish to opt for muscat visa change by air Gatewayz .

We request you to check the availability for A2A few days before your last day so that your slots are well booked before your last date. We try to keep the slots updating everyday so that applicants are aware if the next possible airport to airport slots and can fill the form and our agent will be in touch with you shortly with the confirmation.

Required Documents for Airport to Airport visa change

  • Passport copy (6 months validity).

  • Passport size photo.

  • Old visa copy or File number.

  • white background passport size photo.

Contact us for more information +971 50 307 7353

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Philippines Visa

Philippines Visa : The Philippines has opened its border to tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of its natural landscape or simply to have a view of its numerous historical sites. The Philippine authorities have provided visa on arrival (VoA) facilities for eligible countries in order to ensure a seamless entry procedure.

Philippines visa on arrival countries

Philippines Visa More than 150 nationals around the world are eligible to apply for a Philippines visa on arrival. All the visitors need to do is bring all the required documents and submit them when they arrive in the Philippines, along with the visa payment.

The following is the list of countries eligible for a Philippine visa on arrival:

  • Andorra

  • Angola

  • Antigua and Barbuda

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Bahamas

  • Bahrain

  • Barbados

  • Belgium

  • Beliz

  • Benin

  • Bhutan

  • Bolivia

  • Botswana

  • Brazil*

  • Brunei Darussalam

  • Bulgaria

  • Burkina Faso

  • Burundi

  • Cambodia

  • Cameroon

  • Canada

  • Cape Verde

  • Central African Republic

  • Chad

  • Chile

  • Colombia

  • Comoros

  • Congo

  • Costa Rica

  • Cote d’Ivoir

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Denmark

  • Djibouti

  • Dominica

  • Dominican Republic

  • Ecuador

  • El Salvador

  • Equatorial Guinea

  • Eritrea

  • Estonia

  • Ethiopia

  • Fiji

  • Finland

  • France

  • Gabon

  • Gambia

  • Germany

  • Ghana

  • Greece

  • Grenada

  • Guatemala

  • Guinea

  • Guinea Bissau

  • Guyana

  • Haiti

  • Honduras

  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • Indonesia

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Jamaica

  • Japan

  • Kazakhstan

  • Kenya

  • Kiribati

  • Kuwait

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic

  • Latvia

  • Lesotho

  • Liberia

  • Liechtenstein

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Madagascar

  • Malawi

  • Malaysia

  • Maldives

  • Mali

  • Malta

  • Marshall Islands

  • Mauritania

  • Mauritius

  • Mexico

  • Micronesia

  • Monaco

  • Mongolia

  • Morocco

  • Mozambique

  • Myanmar

  • Namibia

  • Nepal

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Nicaragua

  • Niger

  • Norway

  • Oman

  • Palau

  • Panama

  • Papua New Guinea

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Qatar

  • Republic of Korea

  • Romania

  • Russia

  • Rwanda

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Saint Lucia

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Samoa

  • San Marino

  • Sao Tome and Principe

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Senegal

  • Seychelles

  • Singapore

  • Slovak Republic

  • Slovenia

  • Solomon Islands

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Suriname

  • Swaziland

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Tajikistan

  • Thailand

  • Togo

  • Trinidad and Tobago

  • Tunisia

  • Turkey

  • Turkmenistan

  • Tuvalu

  • Uganda

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • United Republic of Tanzania

  • United States of America

  • Uruguay

  • Uzbekistan

  • Vanuatu

  • Vatican

  • Venezuela

  • Vietnam

  • Zambia

  • Zimbabwe

Philippines visa on arrival requirements

Before flying to the Philippines, visitors must prepare all the required documents below:

  • a filled out Philippines Visa on arrival application form

  • a passport with at least six (6) months of validity

  • a return ticket or a ticket for the onward destination

  • a COVID-19 vaccination certificate recognised under existing IATF regulations (WHO International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis, VaxCertPH, or National digital certificate issued by a foreign government which has accepted VaxCertPH under a reciprocal arrangement)

  • a pre-departure RT-PCR/ART negative test result, unless they belong to one of these categories:

    • foreign nationals older than 18 who have had at least one (1) COVID-19 booster dose and the primary series vaccination

    • foreign nationals 12 to 17 years old who have received the whole primary series of the COVID-19 vaccination

    • foreign nationals younger than 12 who are traveling with a parent or guardian who has received the whole main series and one booster shot

    • a QR code received after registering through the eTravel platform at least 72 hours before arrival in the Philippines

Upon arriving in the Philippines, travelers can get in line and apply for a Philippine on arrival visa.

Philippines visa on arrival validity
Passport holders from most of the listed countries above can stay up to 30 days in the Philippines. However, visitors with the following passports are given exception:

Brazilian passport holders are given permission to stay up to 59 days according to the current agreement.
Hong Kong Special Administrative (SAR) and Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) passport holders are allowed to stay up to 14 days.
Macau-Portuguese and Hong Kong British passport holders are allowed to stay up to 7 days.